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In an effort to provide our members with opportunities to build brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in the field of headshot photography, we’re creating a public-facing blog and we want you to be a writer.

Matthew Hamilton is the Senior Editor and all submissions will ultimately be approved by him. He may ask you for revisions as it’s a standard practice in the industry. Together we hope to not only provide you with publicity and backlinks but also help you to refine your writing skills so that you’re able to approach other outlets with content and continue to build your brand.

Articles submitted will be promoted in all of our programming and social channels and we encourage you to do the same. 

Data Backup Strategy

Create your submission by answering the questions below and uploading the appropriate images. The goal of this article is to solve a problem. Photographers want to know how to keep their data backed up. It’s your job to help them solve this problem. Follow the prompts below and we’ll tackle the rest. When appropriate, please provide a link to the product that you’re featuring. We may replace that link with one of our own, but it will help us to identify the correct product that you use. You can see an example of this post here at this link.

    Please paste your social links below.

    Please type a few sentences for your author bio section.

    In this section you should introduce and explain the problem that you're going to solve in the next few paragraphs. Also, follow that up with introducing yourself and why we should trust you.

    Do you have a backup strategy during your shoots? Are you writing your photos to your computer's internal hard drive? Does that get backed up somewhere else? If you are not tethering, are you writing to two cards or just one? Why are you using the system you are? What problem did it solve for you?

    After your session, where do your files go? If you keep your files for the long haul, what are you using for that? In a general sense, walk the reader through the steps they would need to take in order to get that set up on their end.

    Now wrap the whole thing up in a bow. This is your closing statement. It's your last chance to be recognized as solving their problem. Remind them of what's important. Be persuasive. Thank them for reading.

    The first image should of the medium you use to backup your files, whether that is a server or just individual hard drives. Try to make this image as "clickable" as possible. In order to keep things consistent, please crop all images 3 by 2.

    This should be an image of any software you use to backup your files. Even if you just use a standard file transfer, take a screenshot of that "in action". In order to keep things consistent, please crop all images 3 by 2.

    Supporting images are dealer's choice. Feel free to get creative with these shots. Maybe a shallow depth of field shot of some of your hard drives. Maybe an action shot of you, after your shoot backing up your images. Have some fun. In order to keep things consistent, please crop all images 3 by 2.

    Supporting Image #1 -

    Supporting Image #2