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In an effort to provide our members with opportunities to build brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in the field of headshot photography, we’re creating a public-facing blog and we want you to be a writer.

Matthew Hamilton is the Senior Editor and all submissions will ultimately be approved by him. He may ask you for revisions as it’s a standard practice in the industry. Together we hope to not only provide you with publicity and backlinks but also help you to refine your writing skills so that you’re able to approach other outlets with content and continue to build your brand.

Articles submitted will be promoted in all of our programming and social channels and we encourage you to do the same. 

Share Your Story

The assignment is to share your story. The story of why you’re a headshot photographer. What was the path you took to get where you are today? 

I created this assignment because I felt like most of you would find it an easy starting place. SEO is public relations and your easiest path to success in PR is writing. So here is the easiest writing opportunity I can think of.

The audience for this topic is going to be other headshot photographers that haven’t quite gotten to where you’re at yet. Maybe they don’t believe in themselves. Maybe they don’t have the proper support network. Whatever the reason, my hope is that reading your story will help them in some way. Fill out the form belong and we’ll get your article published.

Thanks for playing along!

Part One

Part Two

    Please paste your social links below.

    Please type a few sentences for your author bio section.

    Copy and paste the heartfelt article you've written about why you became a photographer.

    Upload a square crop headshot for your bio.

    Upload a picture of yourself in action or holding your camera if you have one.